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Alleged Infidelity: Comedian Bovi heavily mocks Davido, video trends (Watch)

Alleged Infidelity: Comedian Bovi heavily mocks Davido, video trends (Watch)

Popular Nigerian comedian Bovi recently caused a stir online when he playfully threw shade at Davido amidst the singer’s infidelity controversy.

As many are aware, two women took to Instagram to publicly allege that they are carrying the babies of Davido, the renowned Nigerian singer. The ladies, identified as Anita Brown from the USA and IVanna Bay from France, confirmed their pregnancies by undergoing live pregnancy tests.

In response to the Davido Babymama scandal, Bovi shared a humorous video of himself with a female fan in Atlanta, USA. The encounter took place at a hotel, where the fan expressed her excitement about meeting Bovi and revealed that she had already bought a ticket for his show. They exchanged handshakes and pleasantries.

Taking the opportunity to reciprocate her affection, Bovi asked for her name. To his surprise, she responded, “Anita.” Reacting quickly, Bovi swiftly removed his hands from her and continued on to his next destination, leaving the perplexed lady wondering what just happened.

Bovi humorously explained that the name “Anita” gives him post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), given the ongoing Davido situation. The caption of the video read, “A name that triggers PTSD 😮‍💨🤢🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️ Atlanta, we’re live tomorrow.”

Watch the video below;

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