China’s approach to foreign policy gets negative reviews

China’s approach to foreign policy gets negative review

Views of China are broadly negative across 24 countries in a new Pew Research Center survey published last month. A median of 67% of adults express unfavourable views of the country, while 28% have a favourable opinion.

According to the report, negative views extend to evaluations of China’s international actions. A median of 71% think China does not contribute to global peace and stability. Most people also think China does not take into account the interests of other countries in its foreign policy (76%). This sense is strongest in Sweden.

According to the report, in almost every high-income country surveyed, negative views currently stand at or are near historic highs. In most countries, this does not reflect a significant increase over last year. Rather, negative views have simply remained high in recent years.

Attitudes toward China are rosier in middle-income than high-income countries. In Kenya, Mexico, and Nigeria, majorities give China a positive rating. India stands out as the only middle-income country in which a majority has unfavourable views of China, with a 21 percentage point increase in unfavourable opinion (46% in 2019 to 67% in 2023).


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