Clark University Scholarships In United States (Fully Funded)

Clark University Scholarships In United States (Fully Funded)

We cordially invite submissions for the esteemed Clark University Inaugural-Year Scholarships, a prestigious academic endeavor tailored for international scholars. This distinguished scholarship, covering the entire spectrum of tuition fees, beckons aspiring undergraduates to the heart of educational excellence in the United States. The selection criteria for these coveted awards pivot primarily on your scholarly achievements and a consortium of additional determinants.


Nestled in the picturesque city of Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University unfurls its rich tapestry as a private research institution, proudly established in the annals of history in the year 1887. This institution, synonymous with academic eminence, graciously welcomes aspirants from the global diaspora, extending an equitable opportunity to partake in the Clark University Scholarship. If you happen to be an international high school prodigy, this scholarship might be your gateway to defray the cost of your undergraduate odyssey at Clark University.


The origins of Clark University are enshrined in a philanthropic gesture of unparalleled magnanimity, bestowed by the venerable Jonas Gilman Clark, a luminary among businessmen. With his munificent endowment, Clark University ascended to the echelons of modern research institutions, setting pioneering benchmarks in the educational landscape of the United States.


Scholarly Honors at Clark:

Location: United States

Institution: Clark University, Massachusetts, USA

Academic Level: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral

Financial Support Category: Tuition Fees

Eligibility Mandates:

To qualify, one must be a prospective freshman applicant, not a transferee, and possess a prior educational record of a minimum of four years overseas.

Clark University extends its purview to embrace international scholars enrolled in American educational institutions.

Furthermore, candidates should evince leadership potential within their societal sphere, displaying unwavering commitment to catalyze positive change on a global scale.


Scholarship Awards:

Clark Merit Scholarships:

Admittance into the esteemed Clark Global Scholars Program entitles recipients to a financial grant ranging from $15,000 to $25,000 annually, for a duration spanning four years, contingent upon the fulfillment of academic benchmarks for renewal.

In instances where the exigencies of financial need transcend the purview of the Global Scholars award, candidates may be eligible for an additional financial allocation of up to $5,000, subject to demonstrated need.


The Richard Traina Scholarship:

Eligible recipients will be bestowed with an illustrious four-year grant, amounting to a total of $80,000, equating to $20,000 annually. This substantial award is extended irrespective of the applicant’s familial financial standing, subject to continued compliance with year-to-year requisites.


The Robert Goddard Scholarship:

Eligible candidates are entitled to an impressive four-year endowment, summing up to $68,000, equating to $17,000 per annum, irrespective of familial financial parameters, provided the recipient satisfies the yearly conditions for continuity.


The Jonas Clark Scholarship:

Qualified recipients will be graced with a notable four-year grant, totaling $56,000, equivalent to $14,000 annually, without any tether to the financial status of their family, contingent upon adherence to year-to-year stipulations.


The Scarlet Award Scholarship:

This distinguished accolade is reserved for incoming scholars who have exhibited exceptional dedication to their academic pursuits or community endeavors. Named in homage to Clark’s institutional hue, “Scarlet,” symbolizing courage and ardor, eligible scholars shall receive a substantial four-year endowment, aggregating to $64,000, or $16,000 per annum, irrespective of familial financial parameters.


The 1887 Scholarship:

Dedicated to prospective scholars who exemplify promise in the domains of creativity, research, and intellectual engagement, this scholarship draws its nomenclature from the year when Jonas Clark laid the foundation for Clark University, as one of the premier all-graduate institutions in the United States. This scholarship, with a particular penchant for psychology research, extends a four-year grant of $52,000, amounting to $13,000 per annum, devoid of consideration for family financial status.


Application Procedure for Clark University Scholarships:

The application process is strictly online. Prospective applicants are urged to visit the official website to access the registration form and procure comprehensive details pertaining to the scholarship’s intricacies.

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