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Emotional moment Bimbo Ademoye appreciates veteran actress Shaffy Bello for support (Video)

Emotional moment Bimbo Ademoye appreciates veteran actress Shaffy Bello for support (Video)

An emotional video has surfaced online where popular Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye penned an appreciation note to senior colleague, Shaffy Bello.

Bimbo, in a lengthy post via her verified Instagram page, stated that despite her gangstar personality, she is a  very emotional person.

The screen goddess recounted how she reached out to the veteran to work with her in her latest production and she accepted.

Bimbo was amazed and grateful that despite the series of production delays and procrastination, Shaffy was still eager to work with her and cleared a schedule for her sake.

The AMVCA award-winning actress was left more shocked when Shaffy refused to collect any fee and prayed for her like a mother would to her child.

Bimbo wrote; “Emotional Appreciation post !, Yeah I’m a gangsta 😎 but sometimes I can be very very emotional. So I had reached out to aunty shaffy @iamshaffybello that I wanted to shoot a series . She said call me whenever you need me. I didn’t quite understand the extent to which she meant those words. Don’t get mr wrong aunty shaffy is one of the most supportive humans on earth (story for another day ). I had hoped and prayed my budget would be something she’d accept.

Because why would you call the queen and underpay her. I sent the script and asked her fee. She responded. Bimbo send the date and let me know when you’re ready. I was scared. We moved dates due to some situations. Still she cleared a day she was meant to be resting to come on set. Shoot day , aunty shaffy calls to assure me she’d be there (not that I ever doubted). She came om set with everything. I mean everything!!. Hair ,clothes , make up. Infact , all that we got for her was almost useless because she came fully prepared for her baby.

She shot till night time and didn’t complain for a second. After the shoot I had asked her again “aunty how much should I bring “. She said bimbo leave me alone and focus on your shoot. I broke down . Why did she think I deserved such love. Then she held me close and prayed for me. Prayed like a mother would to her child. Please help me tell @iamshaffybello I’m grateful. I had no idea my producer was recording. But thank God she did. Aunty shaffy. I love you for life !.

I called @lillyafe to ask if she’d be free. Last minute call o. My girl said I’d check , but even if I’m not free, I’d make myself free for you. Lilly had a flight to catch that day. She came on time, didn’t even panic. Shot her scenes , even made an exception for me and let me use her car. And she didn’t charge a dime. @lillyafe .thank you sis. I’m always on standby for you .i promise
. Cont in the comments……

@yhemo_lee . FERANMI !!. OLOWO EKO . I’m not at all surprised God keeps blessing you. You had 3 appointments that day. You were soooo tired, but you showed up. You were even asking if I needed anything. We shot till late, you never complained. You even offered to come the next day should we have any outstanding scenes . You gave us everything… I asked how much I should pay . You said bimbo you’re my person , I didn’t ask you for money. Thank you so much brother. May you never fall may you never fail. Thank you so much.

Sibe the maid is still showing on the channel guys. Pls click the link on my bio or story to watch . After that ,pls go and watch the previous ones as well.😂😂.”


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