The College Of Wooster Scholarship In USA (Funded)

Invitations are extended to prospective candidates to apply for The College of Wooster USA Scholarships and International Student Financial Aid. International scholars aspiring to join The College of Wooster have the opportunity to be considered for both scholarships founded on merit and financial assistance based on need.

Upon submission of an application for enrollment, candidates must complete the Wooster International Aid form, specifying their intent to seek either need-based aid or exclusively merit-centric scholarships.

Access to the aforementioned form will be granted once the application has been duly submitted. It is imperative to bear in mind that The College of Wooster exercises discretion regarding financial need within the framework of international admissions.

Successful candidates admitted to The College of Wooster will be granted a financial assistance package concurrent with their acceptance. The Wooster International Scholarship encompasses a combination of merit-based and need-dependent aid within a single endowment.

Scholarship at The College of Wooster, USA

Institution: The College of Wooster

Degree: Undergraduate

Recipient: International Scholars, Domestic Enrollees

Location: United States of America

Eligibility Criteria:

The College of Wooster Adopts an Adaptable Stance for International Scholars

The Admissions Committee favors scores from one of the following standardized tests: ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo.

In consideration of the accessibility limitations associated with these preferred assessments, students, following an appeal for waiver of the testing requisites at, may fulfill this obligation through alternative means by submitting one of the following:

Merit-Centric Scholarships

Both novice and transfer international scholars are automatically enrolled in the competition for esteemed merit-based scholarships. These scholarships range from $5,000 per annum to $30,000 annually and are predicated on academic prowess, contributions to their secondary school and local community, personal essays, and recommendations.

Financial Assistance Based on Need

International scholars intent on applying for need-dependent financial aid are required to complete the Wooster International Aid Form (IAF). This form is made accessible for electronic completion through their admissions portal. It is of paramount importance that this document is meticulously and comprehensively filled out.

Erroneous or incomplete information may adversely affect the admission offer. Need-dependent aid is characterized by its competitiveness, with the most substantial financial aid package at Wooster for international scholars, encompassing both merit-based and need-dependent support, covering full tuition.

Other Opportunities for Scholarships

Model UN Leadership Award

The Model UN Leadership Award, valued at $2,000 per annum, commends inaugural candidates who manifest leadership skills and advancement through their involvement in the Model UN during their secondary school years, with an expressed intention to continue such pursuits at Wooster. Recipients of this award will be expected to participate in Wooster’s Model UN, a consistently distinguished entity at two national conferences.

Performing Arts Scholarships

The competitive Performing Arts Scholarships, ranging from $2,000 to $8,000 per annum, are conferred upon scholars based on their achievements and promise in the fields of music, theatre/dance, or Scottish Arts. While recipients are not mandated to major in these areas, they are obliged to partake in diverse programs throughout their tenure at Wooster.

How To Apply

To apply for need-based financial aid, international students must submit the Wooster International Aid Form (IAF), which will be available to complete electronically on their admissions portal.

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